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Michael Balch Associates is a sole practitioner with an affiliation with several private consulting practitioners and small businesses that have agreed to work together to provide an affordable multi-disciplinary approach to small businesses' opportunities and problems.

The most important step in the business planning process is defining the entrepreneur's  vision. The consultant's roll is to investigate, validate and draft an executable road map to help the business achieve those goals.

For example, solid strategic planning is very dependent on market research and financial modeling, but may also require expertise in sales, logistics, government regulations and taxation. It would be very rare for a single consultant to have all of those skills.

His many years of professional work in finance and government has given him the opportunity to become acquainted with many outstanding small practitioners in many business fields. Individual consultants and small firms have no need for the administrative functions that drastically increase the costs of almost all larger firms.

The Associates concept is for the lead consultant to work with only those other consultants needed to address the client's issues. In many cases the client will deal with only the single lead consultant, who will communicate and coordinate any additional consultants.


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